Things you can take pictures of.
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valentines and hearts
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valentines and hearts
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Digital Photo Class
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These are words that relate to scrapbooking
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Find the answers to the following questions! What determines depth of field? This isntrument is used to take photographs. This is how fast or slow something moves. This term refers to how long film or paper is 'opened' to light. This moves to expose film inside the camera. This instrument is used to maake a print. This is the process of making several photos of the same thing at differnt exposures. This is how sharp the image is. An upright frame for displaying or supporting something is a... This is the first thing to capture an image (in a negative). A camera is put on this to hold it entirely still. This is the process of eliminating unwanted space in a photo before making a print. Thin sheet of wood for writing on or exposing photos onto. A ground or molded piece of glass, plastic, or other transparent material with opposite surfaces either or both of which are curved, by means of which light rays are refracted so that they converge or diverge to form an image. The opposite of dark is...
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Made by the Watson's
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Find All These Words!!!
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Find the following words.
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Find th ten french words
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To make a more interesting and viewable photograph, use the elements of composition to improve your pictures.
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Dgital Photo Important Words to Know
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Find and circle these words related to photography.
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All words that describe Mimi's personality
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Halloween stuff
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